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Digital Patient Engagement

Convenience for your pharmacy's patients... in their pocket.

Win The Script

Get your PharmacyPLUS app for your pharmacy with no installations or software required. Then win the script in the doctor's rooms! Patients can scan their script using their phone and send it to your pharmacist's portal. Pack before they arrive, offering them improved service and convenience.

Health Content

​Offer pre-developed health content and video's to your patients, under the banner of your pharmacy's app. Content is continually updated by the Health Window team


Improve Adherence

Flag chronic patient's for automatic script renewal reminders. Once they are flagged, the app will automatically prompt them to renew their script and again send it electronically to your pharmacy.


Digital Marketing

Run your loyalty program and marketing campaigns on a digital platform. No incremental costs for additional campaigns, or for more pharmacy app users

Compete with Technology

Developing an App is expensive. With PharmacyPLUS, you have no need for this cost; simply register your pharmacy and promote the App to your patients. The moment they select your pharmacy, the app labels itself with your pharmacy's Logo and contact details.



From your central Pharmacist's Portal, you can view your pharmacy's statistics, marketing campaigns, scripts, number of users, etc.


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